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Bamboo Grove

One of the icons of Kyōto. The bamboo grove is a small road connecting the north of Tenryū-ji with Arashiyama Park and towards the area of Sagano. Many photographers do an amazing job at shooting the atmosphere of this place. But as I am not very fond of crowds competing to get the best shot, I have avoided this place for most of the time. On a snowy morning I visited Arashiyama in early 2022, I witnessed a wall of 20 tripods or so… No thank you. Instead, I prefer to visit the nearby smaller temples. In any way, the bamboo grove is a nice stroll when visiting Arashiyama. Just: do not expect too much.

Admission: public space
Nearby places of interest: Tenryū-ji, Ōkōchi Sansō, Jōjakkō-ji

Winter in Arashiyama.

Winter in Arashiyama.

Summer 夏
Winter 冬
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