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Takao - Keihoku 高雄・京北

Mt. Takao is a small mountain village a 10-15min. drive north from Ninna-ji in the northwest of Kyōto City. Takao is famous for its maple foliage, the three temples of Jingo-ji (神護寺), Saimyō-ji (西明寺) and Kōzan-ji (高山寺) make a visit to the area worthwhile.

Following the street further north, passing by Iwato Ochiba Shrine (岩戸落葉神社), famous for its carpet of yellow Ginkgo leaves in autumn) lies Keihoku, a number of villages in the north of Kyōto. An interesting temple to be found there is Jōshōkō-ji (常照皇寺), whose history goes back to the North/South period (14th century).

Even further north lies Miyama (美山), where a village with thatched houses has been preserved for tourism and makes quite a nice site to visit.

From there, driving further up to Miyazu, Ine or Maizuru is possible, but I haven't been up there so far...

While Takao is also accessible by bus, Keihoku, Miyama and the northern prefecture makes for a good day or weekend trip by car.

Autumn 2019 (21).jpg

Autumn at Jingo-ji, a temple located in Takao.

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