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Moss Gardens 苔庭

An element central to landscape architecture in Kyōto is undoubtedly moss. For a lay like myself, it is almost impossible to imagine how much dedication it takes to take care of moss in a constructed environment like a Japanese garden.

From June to October, moss brings a deep, intensive green colour to almost any garden in the city. Especially on rainy days, moss gardens can be enjoyed in their most beautiful state. In November and December, maple foliage slowly falls onto the moss, creating (at some gardens) a leaf carpet in red, which in itself is a sight to behold.

Below are some photographs from my favourite gardens in Kyōto where moss is the main element and which are easily accessible to the general public: Sanzen-in (三千院), Hakuryū-en (白龍園), Enkō-ji (圓光寺), Kennin-ji (建仁寺), Giō-ji (祇王寺), Daihō-in (大法院), Keishun-in (桂春院) and Okouchi Sansō (大河内山荘).

Kenninji Flickr-7.jpg

Kennin-ji temple, Kyoto. June 2018.

Summer (June-October) | 夏の苔庭 (6~10月)

Autumn and Winter (November-March) | 秋と冬の苔庭 (11~3月)

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