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Yamashina 山科

Yamashina is a precinct in the east of Kyoto. Historically not part of the capital, the Yamashina plain lies between Keage/Nanzen-ji to the west and Otsu City to the west.

Although technically not part of Yamashina Ward, because the temples and shrines below are well-connected by Kyoto's subway, I include Daigo-ji, one of Kyoto's most-important temples, in this section.

Although not much in number, it is worth getting a one-day subway ticket and discover all the places below. Each of them is very different in layout, style and history, and together these places offer anything that other Kyoto places do as well.


In particular, I am a fan of Kajū-ji temple, located a short 5 min. walk from Ono Station. The pond is good for viewing flowers and reflections, from cherry blossoms in the spring, irisses and water lilies in early summer, Lotus flowers in summer, all the way to maple foliage in autumn. Usually quiet, Kajū-ji is a place to take a rest and just enjoy the landscape architecture that Kyoto offers.

Daigoji Momiji 2021.jpg

The Benten Hall at Daigo-ji in Autumn.

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