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In this category, you can browse my photographs sorted by different subjects.

These subjects include the obvious photographic genres: nightviews, reflections or monochrome photography.

With my focus on Japan and Korea in general, and Kyōto's gardens, temples and shrines in particular, other collected subjects include Buddhist sculptures and art, different types of garden design (karesansui, wet landscape, moss), and a collection of seasonal festivals and rites in Kyōto.

In the long run, I hope to add a second category of seasonality, what I am roughly translating as the 24 "solar terms" (sekki) from a photographic angle. This concept differs from the simpler four-seasons (shiki) approach and should, ultimately, provide the reader with more nuanced overview into which flowers and trees are blooming at which time.

Why 24 solar terms? Still used widely in countries of the former sino-centric world (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and of course mainland China), the 24 solar terms penetrate almost any cultural aspect of life in these countries: religious rituals, linguistic expressions used in correspondence, poetry and calligraphy, the colors and shapes of clothing and accessoires, motives used in forms of art such as Ikebana, and even the shape of sweets and confectionary.

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