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Reflections 水鏡

Where there is water, there will be reflections.

Lakes reflecting mountains; ponds in gardens reflecting trees, flowers, and other elements of the landscape; puddles in the city reflecting buildings and people.


Perfectly symmetric, they can create an almost surreal landscape, where one could turn the world upside down and rarely notice the difference in a photograph without looking twice. For photographers, water provides endless opportunities for the creation of artistic beauty. Reflection photography in particular, unsurprisingly, is a favourite subject for many of us.


Having myself had the privilege to grow up at a lakeside, unsurprisingly, I enjoy shooting near water, and be on the hunt for reflections and the magic they do in making the same place seem entirely different everytime I visit.

Heianjingu Apr17.jpg

Heian Shrine during Sakura season, April 2017.

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