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Seasons 四季

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

A classic and global way of perception of what one year entails.


In Japan, as in Korea, large parts of China, and most of Europe and North America, we take the existence of these four seasons for granted without wasting as much as a thought on how precious they are. While East Asia historically had complexer ways of tracking the change of seasonality, these broad categories nevertheless constitute a basic and valid approach to Kyoto photography. In Kyōto, spring and autumn - in the sense of blossoms and foliage - are short. Summer on the other hand, with its many flowers and deep greens, spans from May to October. And winter, although associated with snowfall, is in reality more a season of clear skies, withered trees, and beautiful sunsets.

February - April

Plum blossom 梅

Cherry blossom 桜


Lush greens 新緑

Flowers 花

Moss 苔

October-Early December

Silver Grass ススキ

Fall Foliage 紅葉


Snow 雪

Withered Trees 枯れた木

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