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Nightviews 夜景

Blue Hour, Temple Illuminations, Skylines

Milky Way, Lightpainting


Nightfall transforms the impression of almost any place. What might be a grey, cloudy and one-dimensional scenery during the day may transform into a vivid, colourful, three-dimensional landscape at night.

Cities and skylines in electrical light and illuminated buildings and temples are just the obvious of what we think of when talking about nightviews, especially in Japan.

Mountains, lakes, even forests can transform themselves after blue hour. With only as much as a flashlight at hands, a photographer gets almost unlimited possibilities to create images.


While nightviews are not among my major subject, I do enjoy shooting at blue hour, visiting the one or other temple illumination, or, when back to Austria, try my luck at milky way photography.

Byodoin Illumination.jpg

Byōdō-in's Phoenix Hall during a special Illumination, November 2017.

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