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A small shrine dedicated to Oishi Kuranosuko Yoshio, the leader of the 47 Rōnin, the weeping cherry to the right of the shrine’s main building is illuminated every year for one weekend. During blue hour, this creates nice photo opportunities. Unfortunately, although it may be quiet during one year, the place can also sprawl with (mostly local) visitors, and it may be hard to get that one shot that you wait for. A bit far from public transport, the shrine is not easy to reach though. There is a small museum on the shrine grounds.

Admission: open year-round
Nearby places of interest: Iwaya-ji

Approaching Bishamon-dō on a snowy morning.

Approaching Bishamon-dō on a snowy morning.

Spring 春
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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