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Daruma-dera (Hōrin-ji)

Hidden near a busy street not far from Kitano Tenman-gū lies Hōrin-ji, also known as Daruma-dera. A Rinzai branch Zen Buddhist temple, this temple is dedicated to Bodhidharma, jp. Daruma 達磨, the transmitter of Buddhism to China and first Chinese patriarch of Zen Buddhism. In Japan, red Daruma dolls are a popular talisman of good luck in Japanese folklore.
At this temple, a hall containing hundreds of Daruma dolls and other Daruma-themed objects is free to visit. A moss garden and the interior of the main temple can also be visited after paying a small fee. Photography wise, asides from the Daruma dolls, the temple is known for several flowers of early autumn, making a visit in October worth your time.

Admission: open year-round, entrance fee for garden
Nearby places of interest: Kitano Tenman-gū

A large-sized Daruma doll at Daruma-dera.

A large-sized Daruma doll at Daruma-dera.

Daruma Dolls だるまたち
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
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