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Myōken-ji is a Nichiren branch Buddhist temple located in the Teranouchi district northwest of Kyoto Imperial palace. It is one of five Nichiren temples in the area, each of which starts with a “Myō-”. Established in the fourteenth century, Myōken-ji is perhaps the most picturesque among the Teranouchi temples. In spring, numerous cherry blossom trees make the precincts one of the best-kept secrets to enjoy blossom viewing, especially since the grounds are open 24/7 and tripods are allowed, which enables to shoot some soft light images with proper settings.
Within the temple, a lovely karesansui-style garden as well as a small bamboo garden, along with several treasures and artifacts, can be visited. Unfortunately, as with other temples in this area, the main garden faces south, making photography during the open hours (10AM–4PM) rather difficult.

Admission: grounds open 24/7, garden visit for an extra fee
Nearby places of interest: Myōkaku-ji, Honpō-ji, Myōren-ji, Imperial Palace Park

Cherry blossoms at Myōken-ji.

Cherry blossoms at Myōken-ji.

Temple Grounds - Spring 春
Temple Grounds - Autumn 秋
Temple Gardens 庭園
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