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Kibune Shrine

A Shintō shrine located in a narrow valley next to the Kibune river, some two kilometres from the nearby train station. In the shadow of maple trees, this area is a favourite of Kyotoites to escape the summer heat. Many restaurants and traditional-style hotels are located near the shrine. In summer, it’s possible to enjoy food on terrasses directly atop of the river. Kibune shrine itself turned into a go-to spot for Japanese (and mainly Asian) travellers. The stairs leading up to the shrine are sort of a social media-motive that everybody aims to photograph. Me being me, I do not have the patience to visit or shoot spots like this. Instead, I try to see Kibune shrine beyond the favourite stairs: the Inner Sanctuary (oku no miya) is worth your time, as is a visit during the Tanabata Illumination in July–August. Maybe, one day, I will be patient enough to visit on a snowy evening/morning to try to shoot the approach in all its glory. I recommend visiting the shrine in combination with a small hike to/from Kurama-dera. Admission: open daily. Nearby places of interest: Kurama-dera, Hakuryū-en.
Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Tanabata illumination at Kibune Shrine, July.

Summer / 夏
Winter / 冬
Tanabata Illumination (July) / 七夕のライトアップ
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