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Following the street from either Enkō-ji or Saginomori Shrine towards the hill, one eventually reaches Manshu-in. Nestled against the forest, this Tendai-affiliated temple with connections to the Imperial House offers a spacious Karesansui style garden and a comparably large number of artifacts, paintings and sculptures to watch. Although quite crowded during autumn season, I would argue that the best time to visit Manshu-in is actually late April, when the deep-red Kirishima Tsutsuji (a kind of Rhododendron) are in full bloom, or if you are lucky, on a snowy day. Admission: open year-round, special evening visits in autumn. Nearby places of interest: Saginomori Shrine, Shūgaku-in Imperial Villa, Enkō-ji.
Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Manshu-in's Karesansui style garden during Kirishima Tsutsuji season, late April.

Spring / 春
Summer / 夏
Autumn / 秋
Winter / 冬
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