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Miyake Hachiman Shrine

A Shintō shrine where wishes for the health and well-being of babies and children are done. As with other Hachiman shrines, the character hachi (八) of Hachiman can look similar to two doves. At Miyake Hachiman, doves are everywhere: on the rooftiles, flags, ema, o-mamori, etc. Miyake Hachiman Shrine carries the nickname of "mushi hachiman" (insect hachiman), as in earlier times, insects were often considered to be the root of illness in children. That's why, at Miyake Hachiman, lots of napkins with wishes written on them are found around the sanctuary. Furthermore, there is a little Ema museum on the shrine grounds which is worth a nice visit. Other than that, this is a fairly small, local Shintō shrine. Access: open every day, grounds accessible 24/7. Near places of interest: Rakuhoku Renge-ji, Sanmyō-in.
Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Doves on a banner at Miyake Hachiman Shrine.

Shrine Grounds
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