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Rakuhoku Renge-ji

A temple belonging to the Tendai school of Buddhism, Renge-ji is a small temple mostly known for its wet landscape garden designed by Ishikawa Jōzan (who also built/designed Shisen-dō). Although slightly crowded in autumn, Renge-ji is worth visiting year round, perhaps most so in the middle of summer. Not simply is it slightly chillier than in the city, all the green makes one never want to leave the temple. Photography is allowed on the grounds and from the Shoin hall, but forbidden in the main hall and pond area. If you speak Japanese, the monk (father and son) and the lady (wife?) are usually up for a chat and happy to share with you the details to be found in the garden and the buildings. Admission: open year-round, no access for tour groups (iimr). Nearby places of interest: Rurikō-in, Miyake Hachiman Shrine and Sanmyō-in, Ohara (by bus).
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Autumn at Rakuhoku Renge-ji.

Summer / 夏
Autumn / 秋
Winter / 冬
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