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Shimogamo Shrine

Located at the Kamogawa delta, Shimogamo shrine (下鴨神社) — formal name Kamo-mioya-jinja (賀茂御祖神社) — is one of Kyōto’s oldest Shintō shrines, dating its history back to pre-Heian times. Today, the shrine complex is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. A short walk from Demachi Yanagi station, the visitor enters the extensive grounds from the South, first strolling to Tadasu no Mori (糺の森) — the “forest of correction” — along which several smaller shrines like the Kawai Shrine (河合神社) are located. Shimogamo Shrine is famous for the Aoi Festival (葵祭) in May and the Mitarashi Festival (御手洗祭) in July, where visitors ritually cleanse their feet and body in a small river flowing through the sanctuary. The shrine itself is worth a trip for photographers year round: snow, plums, rhododendrons, summer green, maple and Ginkgo foliage can all be enjoyed.
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Evening at Shimogamo Shrine during the annual Mitarashi Festival.

Spring / 春
Summer / 夏
Autumn / 秋
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