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Shisen-dō (詩仙堂) is a Sōtō school-affiliated Zen temple located in Upper Ichijōji. Different from other temples, Shisen-dō is in its core a three-story villa surrounded by a large garden. Originally built as the hermitage of famous poet, calligrapher and garden designer Ishikawa Jōzan (石川丈山) in 1641, the building was only converted into a temple after his death, with the temple's official name being Jōzan-ji (丈山寺). Shisen-dō literally means "hall of the poets." In the name-giving room of the villa, thirty-six Chinese poets are displayed. From there, as well as from the neighboring Shoin, one can enjoy a masterpiece of karesansui garden design, before walking around the other, extensive gardens. Although it is said that flowers will be blooming during any season, the best to enjoy Shisen-dō is undoubtedly in late May/early June (Satsuki season) and in late November (momiji). Admission: 500 Yen, open year-round. Nearby temples: Enkō-ji, Konpuku-ji, Nobotoke-an.
Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Looking up to the Shisen-dō villa from the lower garden during Satsuki season.

Spring / 春
Summer / 夏
Autumn / 秋
Winter / 冬
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