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Tanukidani Fudō-in

If you have visited Shisen-dō and/or Nobotoke-an and wonder if there is anything further up the hill… then I have to say: yes! There is! Walking towards the mountain, after roughly five to ten minutes you reach a large parking space, which marks the lower end of Tanukidani Fudō-in. A temple that in its current form has a very recent history, this place is mostly known for charms and protections against traffic accidents (which explains the large parking space and the drive-thru ritual place). It is worth continuing the climb to visit the actual temple, as its grounds are free. All it takes are hundreds and hundreds of steps far up into the mountain, past dozens of Tori’is and smaller temple buildings, among which a “miniature Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage” can be found. At the beginning awaits a statue of Kōbō Daishi with hundreds of healthy-feet charms bound to it. At the top stands Tanukidani Fudō-in with its main hall a structure similar to Kiyomizu-dera. From there, you can either go back down, or hike further up and reach the Kyōto Trail. Admission: grounds accessible 24/7, inside of the temple has an entrance fee. Nearby places of interest: Nobotoke-an, Hachidai Shrine, Shisen-dō.
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Lucky Charms.

Summer / 夏
Autumn / 秋
Winter / 冬
Fire-Crossing Festival (28 July) / 火渡り祭