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Hakuryū-en (lit. “garden of the white dragon”) is a large, privately-owned garden in Ninose, in the very north of Kyōto City. The landscape architecture in Hakuryū-en is outstanding in its utilization of both cherry and maple trees in a way that do not interfere with each other. As a result, during both Sakura and Momiji seasons, the same place leaves the visitor with a very different impression: soft pink in spring, lush green in summer, deep red in autumn. Hakuryū-en is a garden one can stroll through, containing several pavilions to sit down and enjoy the landscape. Three (?) gardeners employed by the generous owner take care of the moss and plants, and, sometimes are up for a chat or individual explanations. Furthermore, through a Torii one reaches a small shrine in the forest, behind which an ancient, moss-covered path leads over a bridge towards nearby Kurama. Today, this path is not in use anymore, but the moss, the bridge, and the maple tree behind it make for a picturesque sight, photographed among others by the great William Corey. Admission: special openings in April–June and October–December. (*there was a special winter opening in 2022) Nearby places of interest: Kibune and Kurama.
安養寺山ともつつじ山ともいわれるこの山は、昔から霊域とされ、不老長寿の白髪白髭の翁と白蛇を御祭神として尊崇されていましたが、いつしか熊笹と竹やぶに覆われた荒れ果てた地となっていました。 一九六二年(昭和三十七)に縁あってこの地一帯を手に入れた、故青野正一氏(青野株式会社の創業者)は、その地に伝わる歴史伝説と信仰を知り、けっして誉や利益のためではなく、ひたすら、この地に宿る史実と無数の魂を思い、祭壇の復元、整地と開発を決心したのでした。そして、その生涯をかけ山を蘇らせ、現在の白龍園の原型を完成させました。 完成までの長い作業は、専門家に頼ることなく社員家族と地元の手伝い衆が力を合わせ行われました。 その想いは引き継がれ、今なお白龍園は進化を遂げています。
Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Cherry blossom season at Hakuryū-en, April 2016.

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