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Finland / Suomi

In January 2019, I had the chance to visit the southern tip of Finland as part of a business trip. Three days of work, three days of photography - that was the plan. Luckily, on the last three days, light snowfall turned the capital Helsinki into a picturesque winter wonderland. The long Nordic nights make both blue hours of the day happen during daytime, with only a few hours of daylight inbetween.

What struck me most was how the sky was a deep purple one morning, and a heavy blue the other one. These photos of Senate Square and Helsinki Dome in the city centre were fun to shoot. So was the new Central Library and the nearby Finlandia Hall.

A trip to the nearby town of Porvoo / Borgå rounded this little photo trip up. All in all, I was able to enjoy three days of shooting with lots of decent results, experiencing colours and moods different from both Kyōto and my home in Austria.

Finland 2019-19.jpg

Harbour Winter Scene, Helsinki, Finland, January 2019.

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