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Fushimi Sake District
伏見 酒倉

Located in the streets near Chūshojima (Keihan) and Tambabashi (Kintetsu, JR) stations lies the centre of Sake production in Fushimi. Several Sake breweries await to be discovered. If you are interested in Japanese rice wine, the Gekkeikan Museum of rice wine brewing (月桂冠大倉記念館) is a must. Other than that, this area has a number of lovely little shops and restaurants catering mostly to locals. Reminiscent of the late Shōwa period, this area may be worth stopping by on the way to or from Uji / Nara to Kyōto.

Nearby places of interest: Momoyama Castle Park, Chōken-ji.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Spring at the Fushimi Sake district waterway.

Spring 春
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