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Unryū-in is a sub-temple of nearby Sennyū-ji temple, and as such, belongs to Shingon branch Buddhism. The temple remains a bit hidden, and, if no special events draw a smaller number of visitors, usually remains quiet. But do not be fooled by the word “sub-temple”: Unryū-in is quite vast, and takes some time to explore.
The most distinctive aspect of Unryū-in is a room from which, when you sit down on the Tatami, you can see four different views through small windows. In autumn, this includes four different colours. Take some time to sit down and enjoy this view. The main garden is a moss garden that can be enjoyed from the temple’s many buildings. On the way to the main hall there is a small but unique karesansui-style garden.
Unryū-in is perhaps most-beautiful in early summer, but several plums, cherries, and maples also make visiting the temple in spring and autumn worth your time. In addition, Ikebana is usually exhibited around the temple.

Admission: open year-round
Nearby places of interest: Sennyū-ji, Imakumano Kannon-ji, Tōfuku-ji

Four windows, four different sights at Unryū-in.

Four windows, four different sights at Unryū-in.

Spring 春
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
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