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Fmr. Omuro Residence

Not far from Ninna-ji lies the Former Omuro Residence, a Japanese-style villa with gardens dating back to the 1930s. Owned by a private corporation, the residence has only recently started to open to the public, and quickly became well-known among Instagrammers for the reflection of the lower garden’s pine tree in one of the main building’s splendid tables.
As usual with such popularity, however, the residence is more than just a table reflection. Lovers of modern Japanese architecture will surely love strolling around the villa, and garden connoisseurs will enjoy the upper garden and its tea houses.
As far as I know, the space can be rented for individual gatherings, and also opens for some special events here and then.

Admission: special openings throughout the year.
Nearby places of interest: Ninna-ji

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Table reflections.

Summer 夏
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