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Myōshin-ji Tōrin-in
妙心寺 東林院

Tōrin-in is a sub-temple of Myōshin-ji located in the south-west of the large temple complex. It only opens to the public two times a week, once briefly in early June, and again for a few days in October. Other than that, however, the temple can be visited as part of a temple-lunch.
In June, Shala flowers (jp. “sara no hana” 沙羅の花) bloom all around this temple. The flower, with its white blossoms, tends to flower in morning and fall off in the evening, as such symbolizing tranquility in Buddhism. The temple opens during this season, and it can get quite crowded during this season, as many visitors sit down and take their time to look at the flowers.
In October, the temple again opens for a very special night-time illumination. Using only candles, a message — usually consisting of two to three Chinese characters — can be seen on the (in June inaccessible) grounds of the temple’s back garden, with individual candles lighting up several stone Buddhas throughout the garden.

Admission: open twice a year in June and October.
Nearby places of interest: Keishun-in, Daihō-in, Daishin-in, Taizō-in

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Illumination at Tōrin-in.

Shala Flowers (June) /沙羅の花を愛でる会
Autumn Illumination / 梵燈のあかりに親しむ会 (2018)
Autumn Illumination / 梵燈のあかりに親しむ会 (2022)
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