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Often overlooked, Jikkō-in (実光院), a temple belonging to the Tendai branch of Buddhism, lies between its more famous neighbours Sanzen-in and Hōsen-in. From the guest hall, a wet-landscape strolling garden waits to be enjoyed while drinking an optional bowl of Maccha. Jikkō-in’s Keishin gardens, Keishin-en (契心園) and the site of former Rikaku-in (旧理覚院), boast a wide variety of flowers blooming throughout the year. Perhaps the best season for Jikkō-in is in April, after the cherry blossom season, when lush greens herald the arrival a new season, and Shakunage Rhododendrons and various other flowers are blooming. Aside from its garden, Jikkō-in has a rather large collection of small ancient Buddhist sculptures from all around Asia, and displays several old Chinese instruments. Unlike Hōsen-in, which has become quite popular over the last years, Jikkō-in often remains quiet even during the season. If there was one sub-temple in Ohara that I would recommend visiting asides from Sanzen-in, it would most likely be this temple.

Admission: open year-round
Nearby places of interest: Sanzen-in, Hōsen-in, Shōrin-in, Raigō-in.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Jikkō-in's garden in spring. April 2017.

Spring 春
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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