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Sanzen-in (三千院門跡) is the main temple in Ohara. Its history dating back to the eight century, it is one of five Tendai branch temples affiliated with the Imperial family (= monzeki temple). A short walk uphill from the main bus stop, the entrance to Sanzen-in is in the middle of a small street lined with restaurants and souvenir shops.
Sanzen-in itself is divided into roughly three areas. The lower area contains the Shuheki garden (), a beautifully designed wet-landscape style garden. There, the visitor can enjoy a cup of Maccha. Going up through the stairs, one reaches the main, middle area. From the main hall, the Amida Hall, containing a Buddhist sculpture from the Heian period, is visible. The middle of a forest, this view (Yūsei garden ) remains one of my favorite views in Kyōto. The scenery, enjoyable throughout the seasons, invites to just sit down and take a breath. From there, one can reach the upper, more recent area, containing a hydrangea garden, a Kannon hall, and a resting area. Quite spacious, Sanzen-in is definitely worth visiting.

Admission: open year-round.
Nearby places of interest: Jikkō-in, Hōsen-in, Shōrin-in, Raigō-in.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Sanzen-in's Amida Hall in Autumn. November 2017.

Early Summer 初夏
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬