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Often overlooked by tourists, Shōrin-in is considered, along with nearby Raigō-in, as one of the two “main halls” of the Ohara area. Established in 1013 as a place for practicing Sutra chanting, the temple has no fancy garden to offer. Instead, a mighty sculpture of a sitting Amida (阿弥陀如来坐像), as well as several other Buddhist sculptures can be studied from up close, making a visit worth for people interested in Buddhist sculptures.

Admission: open year-round
Nearby places of interest: Sanzen-in, Jikkō-in, Hōsen-in.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

A sitting Amida inside Shōrin-in's Main Hall.

Buddhist Sculptures 仏像
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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