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Jizō-in, also known as Take no Tera 竹の寺, “the bamboo temple”, is a Rinzai branch Zen Buddhist temple located to the South of Saihō-ji. The entrance to the temple, which is marked by a white wall, is within a maple grove. Together with Kennin-ji in Higashiyama, this is one of the places in Kyōto where the autumn foliage only fully arrives in early–mid December.
After passing the entrance, maples suddenly make way for a bamboo grove. Passing by a main hall, the abbot’s quarters, containing a moss garden, are located further back.

Admission: open year-round (closed in Jan-Feb)
Nearby places of interest: Jōjū-ji, Saihō-ji, Suzumushi-dera

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

The Entrance to Jizō-in.

Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
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