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Easy to overlook, Sankō-ji is a small temple located just next to the more famous Yoshimine-dera (in fact, I did not realize there was a temple for years). However, Sankō-ji is nice to stop by if you are in the area, especially on sunny days. This temple can be accessed in two ways. One is to take the main approach, a steep climb through the forest that departs along the road up to Yoshimine-dera -- a climb that you'd have to do anyway, even if you enter Yoshimine-dera. Another is to exit Yoshimine-dera through the north gate in the cherry/hydrangea garden. Vice versa, Yoshimine-dera can be entered from Sankō-ji. Although I have only been in spring to date, Sankō-ji is probably good in summer and autumn (a large Ginkgo Tree) as well.

Admission: open year-round.
Nearby places of interest: Yoshimine-dera, Jūrin-ji.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Overviewing Kyoto from Sankō-ji temple.

Spring 春
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