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Nestled deep (!) in the mountains on Kyōto’s southwestern border, Yoshimine-dera offers spectacular views over Kyōto City. A climb so steep that I challenge everybody to try and cycle, yet even walk in a fast pace, up there. You will not be disappointed. After passing the temple gate, a complex stretching around (mostly) four areas awaits to be discovered. Passing by the main hall, to the right, a hydrangea-cherry blossom garden leads further up to a middle area. From there, some further climbing ahead, the top area rewards you with a view over the city that makes you feel like you climbed a mountain, not visited a temple.
Season-wise, Yoshimine-dera has cherry blossoms (April), Rhododendron (May–early June), Hydrangea (June–July), autumn flowers (September-October), and lots of maple foliage (November). In autumn, the temple usually opens for two days of early morning sunrise visit. Due to its remote location, I have not yet had the energy to get up at 4AM though and travel all the way there…

Admission: open year-round.
Nearby places of interest: Sankō-ji, Jūrin-ji, Ōharano Area.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Hydrangea season at Yoshimine-dera.

Spring 春
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
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