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Eikan-dō (Zenrin-ji)

Located to the north of Nanzen-ji, Eikan-dō (whose formal name is Zenrin-ji 禅林寺) is Kyōto’s historically most-famous spot to view maple foliage. Therefore, in autumn, expect LARGE crowds similar to what you would find during rush hour at Shinjuku Station in Tōkyō. It belongs to the Jōdō branch of Buddhism.
That aside, Eikan-dō is a vast temple complex built along the hillside. Entering the buildings, one can enjoy a wet-landscape as well as a karesansui-style garden, and curved stairs lead up to several higher halls. In the temple grounds, too, one can walk up the stairs to the pagoda, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view over Kyōto City, or walk down to yet another pond area.
Entrance is more expensive during peak autumn season, but autumn colors can also be enjoyed on the eve of or even after peak season has ended. All in all, there are probably thousands of maple trees on the temple’s grounds, making it possible to enjoy autumn coloWrs for a long period of time.

Admission: open year-round, special openings during autumn season
Nearby places of interest: Nanzen-ji and sub-temples, The Philosopher’s Walk

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

The pond at Eikan-dō.

Summer 夏
Early Autumn 初秋
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬