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This little garden with a Buddha sculpture throning above the temple buildings is hidden in-between Konkai Kōmyō-ji and Shinnyo-dō temples, the former of which Eishō-in is a sub-temple. This little moss garden is spectacular during maple foliage season, and access beyond the small entrance gate to the temple is only granted during a few weeks in November. My friend and mentor Damien Douxchamps used to “discover” this place a few years back, and has termed it the “Buddha Garden” ever since. In early summer, Satsuki are blooming on the approach, and again are worth to peak into this hidden-away treasure.

Admission: open during autumn season
Nearby places of interest: Konkai Kōmyō-ji, Shinnyō-dō, Yoshida Shrine, Takenaka Inari

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

A Buddha throning above Eishō-in's small garden.

Early Summer 初夏
Autumn 秋
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