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Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺), the “Silver Pavillon,” is one of Kyōto’s most-famous Zen temples. Technically a sub-temple to Shōkoku-ji (相国寺), its formal name is Jishō-ji (慈照寺). The gardens of Ginkaku-ji are a prime example of Muromachi Culture. The pavilion can be viewed from different angles — from nearby, with the Karesansui style garden in the front, with a pond in the back, or from an elevated position. Although usually crowded from early on, I recommend a visit during opening time.
Admission: year-round.
Nearby places of interest: The Philosopher’s Walk, Mt. Daimonji, Hōnen-in, Anraku-ji, Shinnyo-dō.

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

The Silver Pavillon in early summer. June 2016.

Early Summer 初夏
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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