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Nanzen-ji Konchi-in

Konchi-in is a lesser-known sub-temple of Nanzen-ji, located outside of the main precincts, on the way towards Keage Station. Upon entering, the path first leads to a wet-landscape garden and then takes a turn around the actual temple, leading instead to a Tōshō-gū Shrine (affiliated with the Tokugawa Clan of the Edo period). Around the shrine, hydrangea bloom during rainy season. Only at the end of this round, after descending some stairs, does one arrive back at the actual temple and its quite large-scale karesansui garden. I personally think there are more interesting places to visit in the area, but if you strive to see them all, why not enter Konchi-in as well?

Admission: open year-round
Nearby places of interest: Nanzen-ji, Tenju-an, Nanzen-in, Dainei-ken, Saikyō-in

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

The Path leading up to Tōshō-gu shrine in Konchi-in. June 2017.

Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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