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Shinnyo-dō (真如堂) is a Buddhist temple affiliated with the esoteric school of Shingon Buddhism. It is located on a hill between Mt. Yoshida and the Higashiyama mountain range, directly next to Konkai Kōmyō-ji and its sub-temples. The grounds of Shinnyo-dō are freely accessible from all sides, and, throughout the year, offer all sorts of colors.
The temple grounds are probably best known for their autumn foliage, and deserve this foolheartedly. The Momiji at Shinnyo-dō are amazing, and can be enjoyed for weeks, as the trees in front of the main hall tend to turn their colors earlier, while those in the back are quite late. Asides, Shinnyo-dō has lovely fresh-green (April/May), some Tsutsuji (May), a Hydrangea grove (June), and is known for its Spider Lilies (September). In addition, a Hōjō garden can be visited for a small entrance fee. Also: take a look at the wood carvings in the main hall!
Unlike nearby Philosopher’s Walk, Shinnyo-dō usually is a quiet temple. It is really worth just going there for a quick read, or to contemplate some thoughts, enjoy time with a friend, or whatever. As such, over the years, I would say that Shinnyo-dō has become one of my favourite places to visit.
Admission: grounds 24/7 free (no tripods), Hōjō garden year-round (entrance fee).
Nearby places of interest: Konkai Kōmyō-ji, Eishō-in, Yoshida-jinja, Kyoto University

Shinnyodo 2017.jpg

Red colours on a November afternoon at Shinnyo-dō. November 2018.

Spring 春
Summer 夏
Autumn 秋
Winter 冬
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